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Chairo Center logoThe CHAIRO CENTER is a not-for-profit organization, established by Andrew Nedelchev, which provides training, resources and consulting at the intersection of finance, career, business and everyday life. It was created with the sole aim of helping individuals and organizations grow to be ever more entrepreneurial and take advantage of the increasing knowledge in the information age. The Center is an expression of the founders’ desire to contribute towards a society where even the most complex problems are approached rationally and in light of the best available knowledge, and where asking questions is not only allowed but actively encouraged. Our work is funded by the founder, income from services and donations from supporters.

The name “Chairo” comes from Koine Greek and means “rejoice”. It reflects our understanding that the more one gets to know the world and themselves, the more they are able to rejoice in the gifts, which our Creator grants us daily.


That all people everywhere grow towards making rational decisions regarding important life issues based on the best knowledge available to humanity at present.


The Chairo Center exists to assist people in becoming ever more entrepreneurial and inquisitive in all areas of life. We achieve this by providing training, publishing print and digital materials, producing audio and video resources, and offering individual and group consulting.


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